How To Make The String Figure Pulelehua

(Prayer Flower)

1. Start by facing the palms of your hands together with your fingers pointing up. Loop the string around both the left and right thumbs and extend by stretching your hands out so that the string is tight.

2. With the little finger of your right hand pick up the far right thumb string. Do the same with the little finger of your left hand and extend.

3. Put loops on each thumb and little finger by taking a turn around each little finger with far little finger string and a turn around each thumb with near thumb string.


4. With each index pick up from below the little finger loop of the opposite hand.

5. With each ring finger pick up from below the thumb loop of the opposite hand and extend.
This figure is symbolic of a flower and the transformation of thoughts into answered prayers.

As the flower blossoms in the light, it reveals its center


Hold the prayer flower as a symbolic gesture. Every time you inhale imagine the bud of this flower slowly opening in your hands.

Symbolic Hand Gestures

Gesture of the Flower Bud:

Make the prayer flower string figure and place the finger tips of both hands together in a gesture similar to hands in prayer. This gesture symbolizes our inner nature. It is symbolic of a prayer, a silent meditation to the Higher Spirit.

Gesture of the Open Flower:

Make the prayer flower string figure holding it in the gesture of the flower bud. Open the hands slowly until the bud of the flower is completely open. Keep your thumbs and little fingers touching. This gesture is symbolic of our heart that opens to spirit just as the flower opens to the sun and receives the abundance that the universe has to offer.

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