Umeke ai o Hina (poi calabash of Hina)


String Figure Umeke Ai O Hina 
(Poi Calabash of Hina)
Made on Kauai and Niihau

O wau no o Hina.
O luna, o lalo;
Me ka akau a i ka hema;
Umeke o Hina.

I belong to Hina.
Above, below,
North (right) to south (left),
Calabash of Hina.

This chant was recorded by Lyle A. Dickey and can be found in String Figures from Hawaii. Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin 54. Honolulu: 1928.

Note: Children often see this fiugure as a kite, a plane, a bird or the wind

1. Put the loop of string around your big toe (we are using our moon stick to represent your big toe.)


2. Wrap the right hand string around your big toe one more time. Extend the strings so that they are drawn tight


3. Put both of your hands into the long loop from below.


4. Put your right hand over the right string and your left hand over the left string. Turn your hands A)  down,


B) toward the center 


C) and up. 

5. With both hands pull out the toe string loop. 


6. Keep pulling towards you until the loops on your wrist slip off and let them lie on the string held in your hands. Pull tightly and extend so that the final figure can be seen.


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