Nenue (One Eye)

Nenue or One Eye

One Eye or nenue
Made on Oahu
Dickey 1928:19

1. Hang string on left thumb.
2. Put left little finger into loop (so that the string goes from behind your thumb across your palm and behind your left little finger. The long loop hangs down in front).
3. With your left palm facing you, put right thumb (your hitchhiking thumb) into the hanging loop near your left thumb. Turn right thumb towards the body and up while hooking the hanging string on your right thumb. Put right little finger into the loop from below and extend (This looks like an x with the strings crossed in the middle).
4. The index finger of your right hand swims across to pick up from below the palmar string of your left hand (The string that goes across your palm) and swims back. Extend by stretching your hands so that the strings are tight.
5. Now with the index finger of your left hand swim across and pick up from below the right palmar string and swim back. Extend your hands so that the strings are stretched tight.
6. Drop your thumbs (let go of the thumb strings).
7. With your thumbs go over the two strings on your pointer fingers and under to pick up near little finger string.
8. Extend your fingers so that the strings are tight and the one diamond shape can be seen.

The chant that goes with this string figure is

Pulehu ka nenue
Ko‘ala ka nenue

Roasted, the nenue
Broiled, the nenue

Nenue is a declicious fish caught on the islands

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