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Here is my story

I have heard the Whispers from a labyrinth…and I listened…the twists and turns from this pandemic have invited me to journey within and ask the question…What is the world that I wish to walk back into when this time of retreat has ended? What will I see and do differently? I have been inspired by so many while on this pilgrimage.

I came across some information about the use of weighted lap pads and found that they are being used with childrren and adults to calm a restless body, reduce feelings of anxiety and improve sleep troubles. My lap labyrinths are not weighted and are as light as a feather, but they seem to produce sililar calming results.

I sit with one on my lap…and feel the comfort…just like I feel when holding my cat…I trace the path with my finger…and breathe… “finding stillness in this dancing world.”

These labyrinths are needle felted and crocheted with specialty yarns that are used in making the Hawaiian lei. Some are adorned with glass beads. They range in cost and style from $145.00 to 245.00

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