I am a Whisperer

My Whispers of Aloha have generated quite a following this year (I started Whispering on Twitter, January 29, 2010, under the name Heinani). I appreciate all who have enjoyed my Whispers and shared them with others. We are connected ~ as each Whisper speaks ~ to some part of us ~ in its own way.

I have become aware that I need to share with you my story and answer a few questions that have been brought to my attention.

Why do you Whisper? I live on an island in the middle of the ocean ~ far away ~ and yet connected by the stars. My Whispers are an attempt to help make this world a better place. As an Artist of the Spirit ~ It is my ministry to reach out in the Spirit of Aloha through art. It is my spiritual and healing practice that I lovingly share in the hope of making a difference. All said ~ it is really my journey ~ each step taken ~ in a sacred ritual ~ a labyrinth path ~ leading inward then out again into the world.

What is a Whisperer? A person who can communicate with an animal, spirit or force in an attempt to influence.

What is a Whisper? An inner voice ~ a guided message ~ an aka cord ~ a telepathic connection ~ in my case an attempt ~ to influence love ~ healing ~ and harmony. I say influence and not control because everyone has the choice to resonate or not with my Whispers.

How to Whisper? I have created a ritual for whispering. In the state of first awakening from a nights sleep. I grok something. I merge and become 99% of the object of my grok. I retain the 1% that is me. When there ~ I listen for a message ~ What does this person, object, situation or quality have to tell me?

I have trained myself to compose the message in less than 140 characters. Rhythmically broken by the ~ symbol. Note: In Twitter there is a limit as to how many characters you can post. It is also more effective these days to write in short bursts of energy ~ In this way I’ve created a form of poetry. If you pay attention you will notice the shift between my grokking message ~ and my own personal reminders ~ as I step in and out ~ of the object of my focus.

My ritual has evolved into taking a walk to the ocean and picking a leaf from the autograph or signature tree. Returning home to draw upon it and create Zentangle Inspired Art. Zentangle® is a meditative art form taught to me by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. In a state of open communication my conscious, subconscious and higher self work together in harmony to create an image.

I’ve combined Whispers and Art into a ceremony that I post on the internet in hopes of inspiring harmony in the lives of others.

What is Grokking? Serge King uses the word Grok to mean merging with the spirit of something to learn something from it. The word was originally used by Robert Heinlein in the book Stranger in a Strange Land.

What is HUNArt? Our friend Thierry Pfau first used this word and it is used by us with his permission. HUNArt is our ministry. It is our way to teach Huna through Art as a moving meditation. It has become our spiritual and healing practice. We have developed the use of string figures and the Zentangle® process in our teachings. We also look at the creation of art ~ in its many forms ~ and the walking of labyrinths as moving meditations that can influence Harmony.

What is Huna? Huna is a philosophy taught to me by Serge Kahili King. It is a philosophy found on the Hawaiian islands and means Secret ~ not in the sense of keeping it from someone ~ but in the sense of not easily seen. Serge teaches a shamanic form of Huna with seven principles of looking at and interacting with the world. In this model I work with changing physical, telepathic, shamanic and mystic levels of reality.

What is the Aloha Spirit? Aloha means more than hello and goodbye. Aloha in the Hawaiian Language means affection, love, peace, compassion, mercy and much, much more. It is in that spirit that I Whisper Aloha each and every day.

I hope this answers some of your questions. Together with my husband Earl, I teach ~ heal ~ and create in the Spirit of Aloha

Whispering Aloha to you ~ Lois Heinani Stokes

© 2011-20 Lois & Earl Stokes